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Introducing Hardstone TV Q55UST9068

Introducing Hardstone TV 9068 Q55UST

Hardstone TV 9068 Q55UST is a smart TV that works with QLED screen technology and the screen size of Hardstone TV is 55 inches. This smart TV uses a delicate and beautiful frame that makes it eye-catching. Hardstone Q55UST9068 TV has a DDR2G memory that allows fast transfer of data and images, and the screen technology of this LED TV is Alignment Vertical / IPS, which helps you to display better quality images. Hardstone Q55UST9068 TV It can detect different small and large angles of the images and can play the images more accurately.

Image and sound quality of Hardstone TV 9068 Q55UST

As mentioned, the screen size is 55 inches and the image resolution is 2160 x 3840, which indicates the quality of the 4K screen and plays at least 60 frames per second. The quality of 4K images in Hardstone Smart TV is provided with UHD or ULTRA HD capability, which is UHD images have more pixels that contribute to higher resolution. The Hardstone Q55UST9068 TV that works with QLED technology has high color accuracy and the life of QLED TVs is much longer than other TVs.

At the bottom of the Hardstone smart TV frame, there are two equipped speakers, and the sound system is produced according to the Dolby standard, and it plays a uniform sound in all directions and angles of the environment.


Smart features and connections of Hardstone 9068 Q55UST TV

Hardstone TV Q55UST9068 has an octa-core processor that you can install games and smart software without any problems. The Hardstone smart TV operating system is Android 9, which supports tablets and mobile phones. The TV controller has the ability to type in Farsi and English, and you can give different tasks and commands to the device.

The Hardstone Q55UST9068 TV has a digital AV receiver port that you can connect a central antenna or legacy content players to the device. Hardstone Smart TV has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports.

The Hardstone Q55UST9068 TV has an internal LAN and WIFI port that you can connect the TV to the Internet, and in addition to browsing the web, you can access sites such as Aparat, Filmo, and… Watch movies, series and animations online.





Additional specifications


Page size 55 inches
Page technology QLED
image quality Ultra HD – 4K
resolution 2160 × 3840
operating system Android 9
Number of speakers number 2
Audio standard Dolby
Number of HDMI ports 3
Number of USB ports 2
Network port has it
Ability to install software and games has it
WIFI connection has it
Web browser has it
Antenna input has it
Ability to connect to the wall has it
Ability to play 4K images has it
Digital audio output does not have
HDR capability does not have
Included items Mouse Air Keyboard remote control with Farsi and English typing, mouse pad on the remote Mouse Air Keyboard remote control with Lost-Anti function (warning system to prevent getting lost)
brand Hardstone
Warranty 18 months of cup service


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