Introduction of non-electrical products
(including pans, pots, pot services, flasks, etc.)

A kitchen, along with products such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and gas, takes the greatest meaning from the types of dishes that are in it. In the past, grandmothers used to have copper and clay dishes with beautiful patterns in their kitchens. The elders made skilled cooks. Today, Hardstone has come with a variety of non-electric appliances such as pans and pots to complete our kitchen.
With all kinds of Hardstone pots and pans, cook with quality and bring the best because Hardstone has provided the highest quality pots and pans for your kitchen.
Non-stick granite cooking service (pot) is a quality product, with fireproof color, the lower design of the pan and pot makes the flame spread evenly in all areas. Hardstone pots and pans have a resistant and fireproof silicone handle. These products are designed in high variety in different colors and sizes to suit your needs. Hardstone is all you need in your kitchen. brought to you.

Pot service:

1- Service of 12 cloths in sizes of 20-24-28 cm and with a single handle pan of size 20-24 cm along with a boiling tap of size 16 cm and a convex glass door.

2- The service of 11 cloths in the sizes of 20-24-28 cm, along with a two-handled pan in the size of 28 cm and a single-handled pan in the size of 24 cm, along with a spatula is provided.

3- The service of 8 cloths in the sizes of 20-24-28 cm is provided along with two pans in the size of 28 cm.

4- A service of 9 cloths in sizes of 20-24-28 cm, along with a pan with two handles in size of 28 cm, along with a spoon is provided.

Single pots

Available in sizes of 24-26-28-30-32 cm for different uses in different colors.

pan :

1- The pan is available in different sizes from 18-24-26-28-30 in various colors.

2-Dietary pans: To have a healthy diet and a healthy diet, you need a suitable cooking tool, which can be used with a Hardstone diet pan. These pans are designed on two sides.
You can put two envelopes on the flame, the magnets on the pan prevent them from opening during cooking, and you can prepare high-quality and healthy food in the shortest time with the least amount of oil.
The non-stick coating is made of PTFE. The chassis is made of aluminum. which is offered in dimensions with different depths.


To keep the drink at the desired temperature for a long time, we need to use a flask. Hardstone flasks are designed in different types and colors.
which is available in two types: steel body and plastic body. It is a screw type. It has a cup and a carrying case that makes it easy to move.
Features and facilities of Hardstone flasks:

  • Ability to maintain temperature
  • Padarai portable strap and mug
  • Body material in two types of steel and plastic in a variety of colors