Hardstone kitchen built-in products

Cleanliness is a priority for everyone, and its tools are among the basic needs of every person. In the old days, various types of plants were used to make brooms and to clean and clean the house. With the advancement of technology, today there are few people who do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean their homes.
For the cleanliness of your homes and the control of your time and comfort, Hardstone Company has provided a variety of electric and rechargeable vacuum cleaners in very high quality.
And as for Hardstone hair dryers, hair is very important for every person. This element plays a very valuable role in the beauty of every person and it is necessary to say that taking care of hair and drying and shaping it adds to your beauty. Hardstone company in the group Cosmetic products have offered several models of hair dryers that work for the care and health of your hair. These types of hair dryers are offered in types with and without a base, which are introduced below.

Introducing Hardstone built-in gas stoves

If you are renovating your kitchen or setting up a brand new kitchen, built-in ovens can be the right choice for your kitchen. They not only have a wide range of features that add ease to cooking, but also They are cleaned and give a stylish look to your home and kitchen.

In the last few years, most houses use built-in gas stoves to occupy less space in the kitchen, and they have become very popular. Built-in gas stoves are one of the newest models of gas stoves available in the market. Most of the houses that They are made in a modern style, they no longer use old gas stoves and use built-in gas stoves. The efficiency of built-in gas stoves is the same as normal gas stoves, and the only difference is the presence of an oven, but normal gas stoves have an oven. Built-in gas stoves do not have an oven. A standard gas stove, in addition to occupying the least possible space, should make the kitchen more beautiful and more comfortable for housewives.

Hardstone built-in gas stoves have many advantages. One of the advantages of Hardstone built-in gas stoves is its compactness and stylishness. Hardstone built-in gas stoves are very beautiful and shiny. The gas and the gas electrical system are hidden and give your kitchen a stylish, smart and modern look. This type of hardstone built-in gas stoves are suitable for small and large kitchens.

Built-in stoves are mainly available in two layers of stainless steel and glass or ceramic, and the burners are installed on a smooth surface of those materials. Hardstone built-in gas stoves are available in two layers of stainless steel and glass or ceramic.These Hardstone built-in gas stoves are very reasonably priced and spare parts are easily available in case of failure. Most stoves are made of stainless steel and are available in designs with one to five burners. A built-in stove looks stylish because it is precisely aligned and integrated at the same height as the kitchen counter. Gas pipes and electrical wires are hidden and give a smart and modern look to the kitchen. Such devices are very suitable for compact kitchens. Another advantage of Hardstone gas stoves is that they are equipped with a fireproof micro switch system.

Specifications and features of Hardstone built-in gas stoves:

  • Equipped with fireproof micro switch system
  • Deep and semi-deep steel plate
  • It has a cast iron cooling flame + bakelite volume
  • It has a ductile iron grid resistant to color change and thermal shock

Hardstone built-in hoods

One of the most important appliances in your kitchen is the kitchen hood, which ensures that the air quality of your home remains safe and breathable by removing harmful smoke and vapor from the air and filling your kitchen with fresh air from outside. The kitchen reduces unpleasant odors during food preparation and eliminates the worry about unwanted odors remaining after cooking fragrant foods such as fish. A hood is a kitchen appliance equipped with a mechanical fan or blower that removes steam, smoke, odors, Removes grease and heat from your kitchen.The presence of a hood as an efficient device along with other kitchen appliances can be important and necessary. nowadays Built-in hoods, fortunately, due to the high variety of designs and models they have, you can choose the hood you want according to the decoration and design of your home. Choosing a suitable hood for the kitchen is one of the most important concerns for the ladies of the house has

Hardstone built-in hoods are the most reliable and durable hoods on the market. Hardstone built-in hoods have high-quality materials such as high-grade stainless steel, which are made to withstand very high temperatures and resist cracking and corrosion.

Hardstone built-in hoods have a touch control panel and are equipped with a gas jack.

Specifications and features of Hardstone built-in hoods:

  • Lamp illumination with SMD technology
  • Washable aluminum filter
  • The door is equipped with a gas jack
  • Turbo fan + temperature sensor
  • It has 4 round speeds

Hardstone built-in ovens

Cook a fragrant cake or a good Italian pizza that you are sure is healthy at home and show off your cooking art and taste with a different product from Hardstone. Hardstone built-in ovens that you can easily install in your beautiful kitchen. Install the cabinet easily and create a beautiful and stylish decoration by choosing the right color for the kitchen. With a good choice, be the chef of your kitchen. Hardstone built-in ovens have self-cleaning capabilities that save you time and allow you to Control the kitchen.
Hardstone built-in ovens are offered in a variety of models and special features, with rotisserie, hot air fan, Hardstone built-in ovens are offered in different capabilities, which have between 6 and 12 applications in all types of models.
The presence of hot air fans makes the food cook completely and evenly.

Specifications and features of Hardstone built-in ovens:

  • It has a double glass door
  • With a hot air fan (convection)
  • Setting the cooking time in two modes
  • End of cooking bell
  • Self clean walls
  • Has a child lock
  • Automatic, semi-automatic, manual cooking
  • Defrosting capability
  • Has energy grade A
  • Temperature 50 to 250 Celsius
  • Combined electric and gas cooking
  • Digital timer with clock display
  • Has a cooling fan