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Introducing Hardstone rice cooker model RCM3500

Introducing Hardstone rice cooker model RCM3500

Hardstone rice cooker model RCM3500 is a quality and efficient product that has many functions and features. Hardstone RCM3500 rice cooker has a beautiful design and you can make delicious Iranian rice and colorful pots. The body of the Hardstone rice cooker is made of plastic and stainless steel. The RCM3500 model Hardstone rice cooker has a rubber gasket, and the inner space of the cooking chamber is insulated to a large extent so that you can cook better. Hardstone rice cooker comes with a steamer for preparing oil-free and healthy food.

The RCM3500 Hardstone rice cooker has a touch digital panel that has different options for cooking, and even the Hardstone rice cooker has 10 cooking programs, which include cooking rice, cake, soup, quick and slow cooking, steaming, frying, The pot is used to cook all kinds of rice.

Hardstone rice cooker has the ability to heat food and you can even make delicious yogurt at the specified temperature.


Additional specifications

Power 750 watts
Body Material Plastic and stainless steel
Capacity 6 people
Cooking capacity 3 liters
Weight in kilograms 4
With automatic timer Yes
Has a timer Yes
Heating ability Yes
Steamer has it
Included items Manual – frying basket – steamer – special spatula and measuring cup
brand Hardstone
Warranty 18 months of cup service

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