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Introducing Hardstone DW5314 dishwasher

Introducing Hardstone DW5314 dishwasher

Hardstone DW5314 dishwasher is a series of washing and cleaning products that has high quality and many features. Hardstone dishwasher has the ability to wash all kinds of dishes, and due to its beautiful and stylish design, it is suitable for all Iranian kitchens.

Hardstone dishwasher energy consumption

With the advancement of technology and electrical components, most electrical devices and tools consume less energy and save energy. Hardstone DW5314 dishwasher is in the category of low energy consumption, this model of dishwasher using a powerful motor has energy consumption category A+.


Hardstone dishwasher digital touch panel capability

Although Hardstone DW5314 dishwasher has many features, it has many uses. The presence of a digital touch panel makes it very easy to use and you can access its settings. The Hardstone DW5314 dishwasher has a child lock, which increases the safety of the system.


Additional specifications


Energy consumption chart ++A
Type of dishwasher Furnished dishwasher
Has a child lock Yes
Has a digital touch panel has it
sound volume 49
Number of washing programs 7 programs
Dishwasher capacity 14 people
The number of dishwasher floors 2 floors
2 floors has it
Attributes Easy and safe to use

Washing schedule

Unique design with excellent performance


brand Hardstone
Warranty 18 months of cup service



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