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Introducing Hardstone refrigerators

Hardstone company provides diverse and modern products for your kitchen and meets the needs of every kitchen. Hardstone refrigerators and freezers are available in twin types, hotel refrigerators, combi refrigerators.

which offers different types of refrigerators in different colors and dimensions for its customers according to the needs of every home and kitchen.

Hardstone refrigerator and freezer – upper and lower freezers (combi)


This product is a very suitable option for people who want to have a beautiful product at a reasonable price. This product, with its useful volume in the right depth and width, is very desirable for small families, and its appearance is also pleasing to everyone with its suitable design and having a water cooler. Considering the dimensions of this product, it takes up little space in your kitchen. It is also very easy to carry and move.

Specifications and features of Hardstone combi refrigerator:

It has the ability to adjust the temperature, the control panel is placed in the upper part so that you can adjust the temperature to your liking, although you should note that the amount of energy consumption increases by lowering the temperature. This product is available in different types of capacity in the refrigerator and freezer. This product is available in various colors in the market.

Has a child lock

With automatic ice maker

Has a water cooler

Door open warning

Has a touch screen

The product is available in a variety of colors.



White leather



With 18-month Jam Service warranty



Introducing Hardstone twin refrigerators

The Hardstone brand twin refrigerator-freezer provides the possibility of storing food in your kitchen by providing a large interior space and a large freezer.

Hardstone twin fridge-freezers with efficient cooling capabilities, such as the possibility of quick cooling and freezing
has been The presence of an external drain is one of the significant and practical advantages of this device, which helps to save energy consumption and prevent the internal cold of the device. Before buying this device, pay attention to its dimensions. Twin refrigerators take up a lot of space in the kitchen and can be problematic in small homes.





Specifications and features of Hardstone twin refrigerator:

Hardstone twin refrigerators have a digital control panel to adjust the air temperature inside the cabin. It has a smart function when traveling, which results in energy optimization. This type of dry compressor product is special for tropical climates.
It has a fast food freezing button (Super freeze).
It has an Economy key to save energy while traveling
Smart alarm when the door is left open for a long time
With 18-month Jam Service warranty

Introducing Hardstone washing machines

Hardstone washing machines have a belt motor, this system increases the life of the washing machine and also reduces the amount of depreciation and reduces its noise during washing. Hardstone washing machines are available with capacities of 7 to 9 kg. .

Hardstone washing machines are equipped with a child lock to maintain safety.

It washes quietly and quietly, and in order to optimize energy consumption, the consumption standard has been upgraded to +++A. All types of these products have an emergency key to open the door.

The washing speed is from 800 rpm to 1400 rpm in all kinds of products. Hardstone washing machines are available in silver-white and silver colors.

Hardstone products have an 18-month warranty, which tries to satisfy its customers by providing them with the best services.

Specifications and features of Hardstone washing machines

Touch screen

Has a child lock

14 washing programs

Energy consumption standard +++A

It has an emergency key to open the door

Silent washing

Capacity 7 kg to 9 kg

It washes at a speed of 1400 rpm.

Color: White-silver-silver

Fully automatic

It has restart memory after power failure
The material of the washing chamber is stainless steel
With 18-month Jam Service warranty

Introducing Hardstone dishwashers

Dishwashers are the best choice for time management in the kitchen. This device helps you not to get involved in the boring task of washing dishes after eating and leave this work to Hardstone dishwashers.

Hardstone dishwasher is suitable for your kitchen.


Furnished dishwasher

A furnished or standing dishwasher is a good option for large families or people who have a lot of guests.
The dishwasher saves you time and is also efficient in water and energy consumption.

By using the Hardstone dishwasher, keep time in your hands and leave the trouble of washing the dishes to Hardstone. Hardstone dishwashers have positions from two baskets up and are offered in various capacities (number of people).


Specifications and features of Hardstone dishwashers:

Energy consumption class ++A
LED display, with intelligent fault finding system
It has the ability to change the upper basket to change the volume
(for washing large dishes such as pots, pans, etc.)
Colors: White – silver
low noise
Has 8 to 14 washing programs
Intelligent in error detection
Has a child lock
Volume from 42 dB to 49 dB
Capacity from 6 people to 14 people
In a variety of colors
With 18-month Jam Service warranty


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