Side by Side Refrigerator
Temperature control to stabilize conditions and keep food fresh for longer time
80 percent humidity preserving feature to lengthen the duration of food freshness
LT 4420 TV
All inputs and outputs for connecting to various playback devices
Multi - comb filter for 3-D images and films
Direct computer input
Steam Press
Three independent thermal protection systems
Steam and ironing off key
Continuous steam control key

About Hardstone Holding

Hardstone Holding Group was established in 2001. It consists of 7 companies each of which handles a certain field. They include "White Goods", "Built-in Kitchen Appliances", "Audio & Visuals", "Cooling &Heating", "Small Home Appliances" and "Beauty &Healthcare Products". Also , the seventh company, "Jaam Service" is the After-Sales Service offering subsidiary of Hardstone which has more than 450 branches in Iran.

Hardstone Holding group has been offering a wide range of products including food processors , multi cookers , food fryers , grinders , juicers , blenders , choppers , rice-cookers , hot and cold flasks , vacuum cleaners , health and beauty products , stoves , refrigerators , washing machines , dishwashers , microwaves , toasters , steam irons and many other products that save your time and provide you with more comfort.